Poster of Custer's Last Stand as portrayed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Custer’s Last Stand Poster

The American Folklife Center
“The American Folklife Center Archive, established in the Library of Congress Music Division in 1928, is now one of the largest archives of ethnographic materials from the United States and around the world, encompassing millions of items of ethnographic and historical documentation recorded from the nineteenth century to the present. These collections, which include extensive audiovisual documentation of traditional arts, cultural expressions, and oral histories, offer researchers access to the songs, stories, and other creative expressions of people from diverse communities.”

Topical Guides to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture
The guides are organized by “US States,” “Ethnic and Cultural Groups,” formats, etc.

Folklife in Your State
“The collections in the Archive of Folk Culture include folk cultural material from all fifty states, as well as United States trusts, territories, and the District of Columbia.”

American Folklore
An index of tales, myths, and legends maintained by author S. E. Schlosser. The site’s United States Folklore page, organized by state, includes entries from all 50 states.

Association of Western States Folklorists
“The Association of Western States Folklorists (AWSF) is a loosely organized group of public folklorists in the Western states.”

Western States Folklore Society
Formerly the California Folklore Society, Western States Folklore Society “is committed to the study of regional, national, and international folklore in all its aspects.”